About Generation Heating & Air


Generation Heating & Air is a business that has been around for decades, serving Lucasville and the surrounding areas. We love our community and customers and support local schools, sports teams, and other community events. We’re not just a business — we’re also your friends and biggest support. We love to help the community thrive.

Over 30 years’ experience

Generation Heating & Air has 45 years of experience in dealing with HVAC systems, which means they have extensive knowledge and skill in pinpointing your problems and fixing them efficiently. When you pick Generation Heating & Air to deal with your HVAC systems, you won’t risk us breaking them as amateurs would.

Locally owned

Generation Heating & Air is a locally owned and operated business. As we mentioned above, we love helping out the community. Our business is highly involved in local events and we know the residents personally, which enables us to provide personalized and genuine services, unlike other businesses. When you walk through our doors, you’ll feel like you’re with your other family.

Have air conditioning installed: (740) 820-4239